Sunday, June 4, 2017

Laws of Life

There are fundamental laws of life, for all humanity. As humans, when we humbly recognize and follow these laws, we will live lives of joy, peace and harmony with one another. If we violate these laws, we do so at our own peril. In so doing we bring misery upon ourselves and others - self inflicted wounds. These laws are as real as the law of gravity, or the air we breathe. If we attempt to violate the law of gravity, we risk injury to ourselves and others. If we have not air, we perish. It is so for the laws of life. 

1. We need God.

2. We need one another.

3. Man is made for woman. Woman is made for man.

4. We need food, shelter and clothing.

5. We need to do physical work for our food, shelter and clothing. 

6. It is in giving that you receive.

7. We need a purpose.

8. We need rest.

9. Love never fails.

10. We need forgiveness.

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