Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Add Up Your IQ

Some have estimated Einstein's IQ to have been around 170. Average IQ is 100. But of course no one should logically conclude that two normal individuals, with their cumulative IQ of 200, together could have come up with the theory of relativity. Nor could 3 regular people, their IQs together being 300, deduce e=mc2.

There are risks of measuring things. In this case, it is the measuring of intelligence. But the measuring of anything has risks. Once something is measured, one tends to develop a false sense of mastery over it. The use of data can make nonsense believable. When untempered by common sense and a healthy dose of humility, the measuring of things becomes its own false religion and can become unstoppable in its production of unhelpful thoughts, theories, and actions.

The measuring of people in medicine is subject to the same risks. As physicians, we have a tendency to reduce our patients to fragments with a PHQ9 depression score, a hemoglobin level, an A1C, or blood pressure. In reality, we are faced with an immortal. A person made in the image of God. With integrated body, mind, and spirit. Much greater than the extrapolations of biomedical medicine.

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