Sunday, August 20, 2017

Beauty and Love

Beauty is easy to love
Beauty adorns and is adorned
Beauty is sought and seeking makes beauty
Beauty sustains and beauty needs sustaining
Beauty calls and is called
Beauty is called to being in love

Love calls to action
Love observes beauty and selects it
Love colors the world
Love is the real
Love is life to those who love
Love brings meaning to things and things bring meaning to love
Love orders things. Loves brings them new meaning, and new color. Love gives things a place in the world they did not have before.

Beauty and love go together
Love Makes beauty, and beauty makes love

There is a searching to define and describe the lover, the man. Words outside the menial, the mechanical, the functional. Is it merely a way to make the topic more polite for mixed company? Or is it a reaching beyond because love and beauty reach beyond us? And because they point beyond us, outside of us. Because they tell us that there is something more than the menial, the mechanical.

The whole of life is used to describe love. Food and work and landscapes and smells and places and spices. All are incorporated into this great story of love. The description points outward as well as inward. Inward toward the heart in love. And outward towards all of reality.

(thoughts from reading the Song of Solomon)

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