Friday, May 4, 2018

Spiritual and Natural

We are therefore constantly exposed to two dangers in the study of man. We may, on the one hand, see nothing more than the natural being, and thus remain blind to the constant reverberation of his spiritual life upon his natural development. On the other hand...we may see only the spiritual being, and thus ignore the role of his natural life. Thus we doctors who, in the healing of diseases, perceive only the natural animal in their client. They treat him as if they were veterinarians, quite oblivious to the constant influence of spiritual life upon health. Inversely, we see spiritual healers who condemn any recourse to scientific medicine They show in this way that they’ve forgotten that man, as God has made him, is a part of nature, subject to its laws and curable by natural means...

Man does not have two lives, natural and supernatural: He has only one, his real life…The spiritual life is not made up of a few exceptional events, but of the whole of life, to which it gives meaning. Life is meaningless if it is but a blind series of phenomena…

God leads us both by nature and by His calls; he accomplishes His plan by natural means as well as by those which we call supernatural.

                                                          -Paul Tournier, The Seasons of Life

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