Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Balance in Community

Effective spiritual communities achieve a balance between a single, overall community purpose and the various purposes of individuals within the community. This means the community has one overarching calling from God to fulfill and that this overarching calling embraces and unifies the various callings of those within the community.

We do not just want to have just one or the other. We should not have to choose between a single community purpose that every individual is required to mindlessly conform to, at the one extreme, and a multitude of unrelated, individualistic purposes that have no cohesion, structure or meaning together, at the other extreme.

We must have both community purpose and individual purpose. In fact, healthy community forms that context in which individual callings and responsibilities are expressed in order to fulfill the community’s corporate purpose.

                                                                             -Malcolm Webber, Healthy Leaders 2

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