Sunday, December 1, 2019


I saw a woman’s four-caret diamond ring the other day, it must have been worth $50,000! The gold band was a simple one, with a few smaller diamonds on either side. Holding the large diamond in the middle was a setting that included five or six prongs.
Although the setting doesn’t get nearly as much attention as the diamond itself, it is equally as important. Any wise jeweler would never put such a precious jewel in a poor or weak setting. If he did, then one small bump and the gem would be lost. The strength and quality of the setting will determine the security and staying power of the gem.
Character is like that setting. God has promised us such wonderful gems! Yet without the basis of character, His promises would be lost or forfeited at the first bump. The Holy Spirit desires to produce character in each of us prior to the setting of the gems. Whether those gems are marriage, an influential position, a ministry, finances or a family, each of these will require character. This is the setting that needs to be developed prior to the placement of the gem.
Strengthen your setting. Build your character. Learn to forgive, to be diligent, to be honest. Learn to stay steady and faithful, to keep commitments, to go by what you know and not necessarily by what you feel.
Character is the ability to follow through on a worthy decision long after the emotion of making that decision has passed.
God will refine your metal until its’ pure gold. He will shape your character until it’s strong and trustworthy. Then when God sees that the setting is ready, He will be faithful to place His very best gems in your life. That’s when you will shine.
                                                                     -Adapted from Wayne Cordeiro in Doing Church as a Team

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